Alysha Cooke

Alysha finds she is teased about being a "numbers nerd", which she admits is marginally true. While she never dreamed of being a CPA as a child (as so many children do...), she has found a career in accounting and finance to be continually challenging and rewarding. She believes that accounting and finance are truly the language of business, and she enjoys the opportunity it provides to learn about all facets of business.

Alysha currently serves as the Senior Director of Finance for Thoroughbred Holdings, a land and mineral rights holding company focused on acquisition and development of energy and natural resource properties, where she works not only to ensure the numbers are accurate, but that they also provide the basis for making informed and strategic business decisions. Prior to joining Thoroughbred Holdings, Alysha served as VP of Finance and Operations and Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer at P2Binvestor, Inc., a Denver-based marketplace lender. She aided P2Binvestor in doubling the loan portfolio and revenue year-over-year, while also raising a Series A round for over $4 million. Her previous experience at Deloitte & Touche, LLP and the Governmental Accounting Standard Board helped shape the way she views financial information for organizations in various stages of business and across multiple industries. Her key areas of expertise include: derivatives and hedging, revenue recognition, debt vs. equity, forecasting, and—like any true numbers guru—Microsoft Excel.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking (only 13 more Colorado 14ers to go for her to climb all 58), playing with her Golden Retriever named Summit, skiing, and continually learning about various spiritual topics.